Privacy Policy for Golf Course Veterinary Hospital Pty Ltd.

The following document outlines our privacy policy.

The hospital is committed to the collection and usage and disclosing of any personal information in a responsible manner and only to the extent required for the services we provide.

We collect and use your personal information for various care reasons including

  1. Verification of your identity

  2. The ability to contact you in respect of the care of your animal

  3. The ability to invoice for goods and services

  4. The ability to send out health care reminders

  5. The ability to make referrals to external laboratories or veterinary specialists

  6. To comply with legislative requirements.

If your personal information is not required for an animal care reason we will not use or disclose it without your prior consent.

We gather your personal information from you when you become a client at our hospital.

We require your consent before we collect use or disclose any of your personal information except under special circumstances obligated by law.

You provide us with your consent in the following ways;

  1. Your signature provided on consent forms

  2. Written or verbal consent obtained during an appointment

  3. Consent provided by persons who have been authorised by you

  4. Verbal consent obtained by phone when no other option available

Golf Course Veterinary Hospital Pty Ltd ensures to safeguard and protect all personal information under their control.

An individual can access their private information in order to ensure its accuracy and completeness and have it amended if inaccurate.

We will maintain a record of third parties to whom personal information is disclosed and have that record available to the individual.

An individual who provides personal information to Golf Course Veterinary Hospital Pty Ltd ca address any concerns to the privacy officer using the contact details below.

Attention: Privacy Officer, Golf Course Veterinary Hospital Pty Ltd. 119 Wingham Rd TAREE NSW 2430


The Management, Golf Course Veterinary Hospital Pty Ltd.